Act I - Crisis

Key People, Places, Things

  • Peneverance - Nation 1
  • Sinata - Peneverances Capital City, Where Act 1 takes place.
  • Gundria - Nation 2
  • Burral - Gundria's Capital City

Story Line

- You're at a condo party with your friend, and after some time there, there is a bomb heard nearby, then many more. You suspect it has to be the work of Gundria, this is it, the war has started. A bomb hits your building and you are separated from your friend. You escape down 3 floors, and jump out window onto a nearby buildings roof, (possibly another slide show thing of building exploding), and hit your head hard on a vent causing you to pass out.

- Wake up about one hour later on the roof top (Rooftops of Sinata) find a metal pole weapon beside you, and go to the next rooftop, a sniper with a Phazium Dagger tucked in his pocket is to busy to see you. Knock him out and aquire your weapon (Phazium Dagger) and armour (Basic Armour), take the sniper too, incase. Another soldier comes and see's you're a fake (Engage Battle). This is the tutorial. As you go through roof tops, you find the ladder down to the streets, but before you climb down you are engaged with the enemy squadron. Mini-Boss (Armada TYPE-1, Gundria Soldier(x2)).

- Get off the roof tops and a couple blocks down the street reunite with your friend from the party.

- Fight mech suits and soldiers for survival. You find an occupied shuttle terminal filled with civilians and shopkeeps. Safe Point 1. Find out that all the civilians should go to the military base for safety. It is the real safe house.

- They stock up and decide to head to the base, then exit the shuttle terminal and enter the city streets (Sinata Streets). Fight alongside your Peneverite allies. Many enemies await, new items are aquired, new quests are available (Saving someone, getting certain items back, killing a certain thing). Along their travels they find a bombed bike shop, and steal 2 Dukatee TYPE-200R motor bikes. They take the highway so it's quicker when they are spotted by an enemy squadron that chases them (Chase Scene - Make it a mini-game). They are forced to stop when the highway becomes cluttered with debris. They turn around the fight. The Gundrian Soldiers are angry for losing more men then they needed too to kill them. They let loose a new mech suit for battle. Boss battle (Gearmada X2, Gundria Soldier(x3)). After the defeat of these soldiers the mech suit explodes causing the highway bridge to collapse. They fall down through the street and end up in the subway.

- (Subway System P3) This level will consist of railways leading in wrong directions, basically a maze. This level they fight Cleaner X3 mech suits, basically deployed to destroy any life in the subways. Near the end of the subways tracks they find an enemy troop planting a bomb to destroy a part of the city. This will not happen, and you confront them. Mini-Boss (Colonel Quartz, Gundria Elite, Gundria Soldier). After killing them you take the bomb and it's detonating remote, and continue down. There is a bombing a couple scenes down causing them to not be able to exit through the top. His friend suggests the sewers, and he miserably agrees.

-(Sewers) They continue along the side of the sewers, when they happen along a little child. They follow and find another safe house. Many refugees from the broken city have fled here. They take a rest here for the day. (Underground Lights).

- After leaving Underground Lights the two head up to the war zone, having no clue where they are. They climb out of the sewer hole onto a street (Sinata Streets - District 44) riddled with dead Peneverite soldiers and a broken down Phazon Gattling Gun. There is a huge shadow cast over them, a Gundrian attack ship. They find one Peneverite soldier alive, a girl. She tells them that that her squad was sent here to destroy that ship, the Kabal, before it reaches it's destination, which is the Head of State Building, and bombs it. Their plans fell short when they were ambushed by the Gundrians. She tells you she has enough C4 and asks for your help to take it down, but the only way to do it is from the inside out. Both of them agree for the sake of their country. She joins your party, and leads you to her fighter plane, the Krieg. You take flight, and head for the Kabal. (Mini-game) Enemy planes spot them and they must destroy the ones in their way to get to the ship. After the way is clear you crash land aboard the Kabal.

- (The Kabal - Bringer of Destruction) The party's goal is to reach the engine room, plant the C4 and destroy the ship before it reaches it's destination. (Time Attack - 10-15 Minutes) You have approximately 10-15 minutes to find the engine room and plant the C4. Enemy troops aboard try to stop them. There are soldiers, elites, mech suits, and commanders to conquer. They leave the hangar and come to the engine room door right infront of them. The door however requires two keys to open. They beat down and interrogate a nearby soldiers. He tells them that the ships two commanders each have one. They are located on each side of the Kabal. They hurry to gather the two keys. (Left Wing) There are just brute enemies here, kill them to get to commander. (Mini-Boss) Commanders Rieves. You kill him and get the left key. (Right Wing) This place is just riddled with puzzles, one wrong move and they're history, get through the maze and get to commander. (Mini-Boss) Commander Kon. Kill him to get the second key, and continue down. They get to the door and open it planting the C4, but she says that it might just not be enough. The two friends pull out their bomb from the sewers and plant it too. Before exiting they are confronted by the ships captain and his men. He is a man bent on achieve perfection, half human, half robot. His Phazium research has earned him the nickname The Phazium Overlord, but only few know why. (Boss) Captain Zilka, Gundria Elite(x3). After defeating them, the captain is not done yet, he drinks a vial of fluid based Phazium and shows them what he is really capable of. (Boss) The Phazium Overlord. After his final defeat you head to the Mech Room and find the human operable mechs. With the time remaining they jump out with the mechs and glide down to the streets. They turn around and take a last look at the Kabal before they press the button, then… a white flash.

- (Sinata Streets - District 07) They find an abandoned supermarket and take a break (K-Mart - 07). During the night you have to go take a leak, and decide to go to the building next door. Upon entering you see a light and hide. Inside you see 7 enemy soldiers taking a break also. You overhear them talking about how Peneverance bombed them. [This is where we tie up some loose ends]. There is no way your nation attacked. You decide to confront them and ask for details. This turns out bad. (It's Just You!) Finish them off. Mini-Boss (Gundrian Elite, Gundrian Soldier(x6)). Later you confront your friend and the soldier again, and clear up a few things. You ask why Gundria attacked, she says that they have no idea, and then you mention what the soldiers said. Everyone is surprised and confused, and they decide to report it to the country's president, who is located in the military base.

- Morning. She gets a call from HQ, saying that the Gundrians have breached the entire left and south ends of town, the military base is still holding up with all the remaining soldiers defending it. Anyone else out there should get to it immediately. They head out. Your friend stops and asks if he could check something out at the piers. You reply no it's too dangerous, already been taken over by the Gundrians. Your friend doesn't back down and instead runs towards the pier by himself. You and the soldiers must follow. (Sinata Streets - District 07) They head north fighting off the same old enemies that fill the streets. They reach the gate towards the docks and enter.

- (Pier 23) You find your friend at a memorial site, standing infront of a cross. You confront him and he explains, his brother died here during Peneverances civil war (Power hungry ones, wanted Phazium for it's power, while others wanted for it's other greater uses other than warfare), when a mad scientist decided to test out his Phazium powered mech suit on innocent civilians. His brother was one of the unlucky ones. Your friend just wanted to see if the grave was still intact. A yell is heard, then a mechanical screech. A new weapon has been unleashed on you, conquer it. Boss (Galakt Z4 - High Zephyr, Commander Trill, Gundrian Elite(x2)). After defeating these foes they find a Krieg in a warehouse and make good use of it.

- You land at the airport 10km away from the military base. This place is still secured by the Peneverites, and they escort you three in. (Airport - Checkpoint 3).

- On the way to the main HQ, the military base, an alarm goes off stating that the Gundrians have started breaching the defense points and will soon break in. Everyone heads towards the base for the last stand of Sinata.

- (Sinata Base - Wings of Liberty) They fight off many waves of intruding Gundrians who are getting stronger wave by wave. When that is done they confront the last stand. Act 1 Final Boss (Zealotte - Glory Blade, Captain Zyke, Gundrian Paladin(x2)).
After the fall of these tough opponents moments later a horn so loud is heard then a voice commanding both of the sides to stop fighting. All around the city and country the warfare dies down. The voice then says for everyone near the base to proceed to the main hall and everyone else to listen. There has been a new development.

- The heroes decide to head to the main hall, the screen fades
Act 1 - Fin

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