75 years ago, a new element, PHAZIUM, was discovered deep inside the crust of the earth. This element was unlike any other discovered before — if properly utilized it produces ENORMOUS amounts of energy.

Soon thereafter, it was discovered that 90% of the world's supply of Phazium was located in one country: the DROVIAN REPUBLIC.

The Drovian Republic traded Phazium with several countries and used this new energy source to boost their economy. However, within a few years, the tide changed.

The country began to use their newly accumulated wealth to build vast armies with advanced technology and devastating weapons. They began encroaching on territories of smaller, helpless bordering countries to expand their empire.

Within three months countries started to battle back, and within six, most of the world had declared war on the Drovian Republic. The counter-forces were led by two fairly powerful countries, GUNDRIA and PENEVERANCE.

The fighting continued for many years and millions died. Approximately six years after the counter-forces prevailed over the Drovian Republic.

The aftermath of the Great War was flooded with important questions. The apex of these was what was to be done of the remaining Phazium. The country of Gundria proposed the element should be further researched. Studies on Phazium were still in their preliminary stages; it was not known why so much energy was released from it and neither how dangerous it could prove to be. Peneverance retorted that the element should be used to its full extent, but for philanthropic reasons. This energy source alone could stop a great portion of poverty and hunger around the world.

Dozens of meetings could not produce an option both parties could agree upon. The only resolution was that the two countries just take an equal share of Phazium and do as they wished.

Although the public disagreement was over, the tension was still present. Both countries, fearing an attack and desiring superiority, began to secretly develop new technologies, gruesome weapons, and enormous armies using Phazium.

This secret technological arms race has continued for nearly 70 years. Tension has continued to escalate and perhaps is at its pinnacle. A single act could shatter this tension and take the peaceful era with it. This act could engulf both countries into the oblivion of warfare.

(Scene fades out, Act 1 title shows up and Act 1 starts).

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